Privacy Policy

Walk into Luxury Pty Ltd treats customer information including credit card information with the utmost regard for privacy and security. The following statement explains how we manage your personal information in accordance with Australian privacy laws.

Collection of information

Walk into Luxury collects information from customers such as title, full names, postal and street address, telephone and email contact details. It also records customer preferences during the booking checkout process to allow the best possible service to be provided during a booked walk.

Before a walk starts, some additional information is obtained on a hard copy form for the purposes of complying with Walk into Luxury’s Safety and Emergency Management Plan.

Storage of personal information

Personal information collected by Walk into Luxury is stored securely on Walk into Luxury’s database situated in the state of the art data centre “Amcom DC3” located at Bennett St, East Perth, Western Australia.

Minimal hard copy personal information is retained by the company, and that which is collected is only accessible by authorised Walk into Luxury personnel. Hard copy information collected at the start of a walk is kept secure by an authorised Walk into Luxury staff member for the duration of the customer’s walk, after which it is destroyed.

Credit card information

Walk into Luxury does not store credit card information of any customer on its website. Walk into Luxury uses a third party internet payment gateway and internet merchant account, which is accredited with PCI Class 1 certification. This means that they use best practice measures to keep all credit card and account information used to purchase a Walk into Luxury product safe and secure.

Where Walk into Luxury obtains hard copy credit card information from a customer seeking to make a booking over the phone, the credit card information is destroyed as soon as it is entered and processed through the payment gateway, which usually occurs within 24 hours or as soon as reasonably possible.

Use of personal information

Personal information is only used by Walk into Luxury for the purpose for which it is provided and for related purposes which the company reasonably expects its customers would expect it to be used for. For example, names and email addresses are used to contact customers about their bookings, and to send them information about other walks/special offers that the customer may be interested in.

Disclosure of information

Personal information held by Walk into Luxury is only supplied to third parties with the consent of the customer. Consent may be implied where the customer requests an additional service when making a booking and the company is required to pass on the customer’s details to the third party provider for the purpose of arranging the service.


All Walk into Luxury staff are trained in the Company’s privacy policy to ensure the rules in this statement are followed when dealing with all personal and credit card information.

Walk into Luxury will include privacy information at the end of all emails sent to customers to ensure that an email is only used by the intended recipient.