“ultra-luxe” walks a 5 star rating…. [Australian Traveller, April-May 2014 edition, p 114]



23 Apr 2014

For the April edition of Australian Traveller magazine, Fleur Bainger put Walk into Luxury to the test and gave us a 5 star luxe rating. Here are some of the things she had to say:

“Walk into Luxury has you toiling by day, and living it up by night… There are post-hike massages, private wine tastings and in-villa chefs. Tell me these aren’t the perfect partners to days of trekking along 40-metre-high cliffs, splashing in glassy rock pools and trudging along photogenic beaches.”

“I sink into the leather couch in our air-conditioned, ocean-facing villa before spying its plunge pool: moments later I’m in. The fridge is filled with canapés and local wines, plus alcohol-free grape juice by Voyager Estate. A breakfast hamper is on the bench and fluffy white towels beckon. Motivation to leave this haven is found only in the lure of a multi-course dinner at nearby The Studio Gallery; the chef there lists Vue de Monde and Tetsuya’s on his CV. The restful evening more than prepares us for the following day’s hike through a karri thicket of white toothpick trunks that rise up to 60 metres high. And there’s the promise of a relaxing massage chaser.”

“Rounding a peak, we draw breath at the vista of the cobalt Indian Ocean meeting honey-hued sands and people-free swimming spots. One of these, ‘The Aquarium’, is a local favourite and as I glide through its bottle-green water, glimpsing rocks through crystalline liquid, I can see why. Back on the trail, the air is stung with the perfume of native shrubs and the longer lasting scent of some 2500 wildflower species”.

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