Your health and safety

How fit do I need to be?

Our Cape to Cape trail walks are designed to be enjoyed by anyone of reasonable health and fitness. However, it is important to come prepared so that you can enjoy your experience along one of the best walking trails in Australia to the fullest. During your walk, you will complete sections of the Cape to Cape track averaging between six and 14 kilometres per day. While this might not sound like a lot, the terrain means it can take much longer to walk these distances than might otherwise be expected on flat ground. To give you an indication, most guests will walk approximately 2.5 to three kilometres per hour depending on the section of track.

There are set collection times on the days when you do not literally ‘walk into’ your luxury accommodation. This means you will need to complete your walk within a set period of time. We have allowed plenty of time (see the detailed itineraries), but if you are walking self-guided and running late for a pick-up you will be able to use your GPS device to contact us to arrange a later collection.

As with any active holiday, the fitter and healthier you are when you start your walk, the more enjoyable you will find it. If you are not a regular walker, why not start going for a walk a few times a week in the lead up to your Walk into Luxury holiday?

If you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting your walk and ensure you have any required medication and prescriptions with you. For guests aged over 69 years, we require a medical certificate confirming fitness to undertake the relevant walk. We also recommend customers have ambulance cover, as well as travel insurance, prior to undertaking a walk with us. Please seek independent insurance advice to ensure you obtain the right cover for your circumstances and the activities you will be undertaking.

How to stay safe and healthy on your walk

To ensure your comfort and safety on the Cape To Cape track, we provide all guests with a day pack to use (and keep) that includes essential safety gear and other items. Detailed track notes, maps and a GPS communication device are provided to ensure you do not go off track if you are walking self-guided.

Please remember that if you are completing a self-guided walk, you will be responsible for ensuring you have all required gear with you when you set out each day, and for keeping yourself healthy as you walk. This means taking rests when needed, wearing sunscreen, a hat and appropriate clothing for the conditions, drinking plenty of water, and using the insulated backpack to keep your gourmet picnic lunch fresh on the track. It is also important that you read and follow your track notes carefully. If you take these common-sense steps, you will have a fantastic Walk into Luxury experience.

Upon booking you will receive more detailed safe walking information, as well as a list of what is provided and what you should bring.

Extreme weather

High temperatures, rain and other inclement weather will generally not prevent a day’s walk proceeding. However, occasionally extreme weather events, such as extreme or catastrophic fire danger ratings or lightning, may make it unsafe to walk. On days like this, we will make alternative arrangements for the day which may include spending the day at leisure at your accommodation, allowing you to complete a substitute section of the track on that day or a visit to Margaret River town centre.

The Company strongly recommends you bring appropriate wet weather clothing and footwear to ensure you can complete your walk in comfort in any weather.