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Ever considered organising a corporate challenge or charity hike: Why you should and how your organisation can benefit

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Nikki King

31 Jul 2018

A corporate challenge or charity hike can be a great way to invest in your people and organisation, and the benefits last long after the event.

Benefits of a corporate challenge

For any Australian business, a corporate charity challenge has the power to motivate your team, foster teamwork and improve staff retention, all while raising funds for your preferred charity and building your reputation as an organisation that gives back to the community.  Some of the specific benefits of a corporate challenge include:

  • Great for leadership development, employee morale and team building
  • Make a positive contribution – Set your team the challenge of raising funds for your preferred charity
  • Supports employee well-being – training for a challenge is a great motivator for employees to reprioritise health and fitness and foster a positive mindset
  • Improves staff retention and job satisfaction – there’s nothing like a corporate challenge to fire up your team and get them excited about the future. Stepping outside of your day-to-day routine and facing a challenge together improves work relationships, team outlook and can be a compelling reason for staff to stay with your business – they won’t want to miss next year’s challenge after they experience their first.
  • A great precursor to training, a Board meeting or a corporate retreat – heads will be clear from all that fresh air, and your team will be in a great mood and ready to contribute.

Benefits of a charity hike for your not for profit organisation

For a not for profit, a charity hike in Australia is an effective way to raise significant funds for your organisation while developing teamwork and morale among staff and supporters. A charity hike can support your not for profit by:

  • Creating a bonding experience for your hard-working team and supporters – nothing builds team work like being pushed outside your comfort zone and facing a challenge together. Sharing in a charity hike experience will reinvigorate staff and provide a platform for supporters to contribute and feel more closely connected with your organisation.
  • Raising funds in an efficient way – All it takes is a weekend of your time, and some proactive challenge participants to raise thousands for your charity organisation. This is an efficient way to go and one that can be a lot of fun in the process.
  • Raising awareness – a charity hike is the sort of event that the community can get behind through donations and also helping spread the word. You can harness the energy of engaged community members to share your event and organisation’s message. A good charity hike organiser may also help spread the word through its network and help gain media coverage for you and your event.

Who should participate?

For a corporate charity challenge, you may choose your high performers, leadership team or a particular business unit to undertake a challenge. Recently it has also become common to set challenges that foster company goals like gender diversity and inclusion. As an example, an organisation may invite women in leadership positions along with some promising women at different levels of the organisation to participate in a special corporate challenge for a charity chosen by the women. This can be a powerful way to build vital mentor relationships and empower the women in your business.

If your business is supporting the event, you may decide to limit participants to in-house team members, or you may choose to also sell tickets to third parties like your suppliers, clients or other corporate partners. This can have several benefits –  you will raise more funds for your charity with the larger group size without needing to increase your financial support for the event (ie the tickets you cover for your team); it will have a positive impact on your relationship with the key business partners involved; and it will remind your business network that you are an organisation that gives back.

For charity hikes, it is standard practice to sell tickets to your team members, corporate sponsors and known supporters. The charity hike organiser can help your team raise funds to cover their ticket price, design the promotional flyer and information to help you market the event, and may even use their network to generate sales and/or publicity.

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